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Kendall W. Cranney

Dive Supervisor/Scientific Diver

Mr. Cranney has been with ESI since June, 2003. He has trained dive personnel, supervised divers, prepared safety manuals, and developed dive and equipment maintenance logs. Mr. Cranney develops all dive safety plans, including those for the US Army Corps of Engineers projects. He conducts equipment inspections, maintenance, and repairs imperative for safe diving operations. With ESI, Mr. Cranney has served as dive supervisor, diver, back-up diver, and dive tender in unionid and macroinvertebrate surveys, primarily in the Mississippi and Ohio river basins. In addition, he assists with the collection of physical and chemical data, processing samples in the laboratory, and upkeep of field equipment. His previous experience includes serving as a diving instructor in Thailand. There, he led environmental diving tours on reef ecology, and fish and coral identification, was responsible for diver safety practices according to government and diving industry regulation, taught recreational SCUBA courses including diving physics, physiology, and environmental education, and maintained a computer program for the non-destructive testing of high-pressure cylinders. Kendall is ADCI certified (Surface-Supplied Air Diving Supervisor), a PADI Master SCUBA Trainer, Emergency First Response CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor, DAN (DAN) Oxygen First Aid Instructor, and he is also HAZMAT certified.

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