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Ecological Specialists, Inc.

Established in 1990, ESI conducts studies and provides advice concerning freshwater organisms to private industry, power companies, and federal, state, and local agencies.

Ecological Specialists, Inc. believes that in-stream development and environmental needs can be cooperatively balanced, allowing economic growth without adverse effects on the environment. ESI does more than just collect data. We consider our client's project-specific objectives, design, and operation, as well as regulatory agency policies and ecosystem needs to develop practical solutions and mitigation options.

Our staff is experienced in ecological studies related to freshwater mussels (unionids), zebra mussels, fish, and aquatic insects in ecosystems ranging from small streams and ponds to large rivers and reservoirs. ESI’s malacologists and fisheries and aquatic biologists are familiar with the latest research and technology and have excellent working relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies throughout the Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi River basins. Our ADCI certified scientific divers are experienced with aquatic sampling methods and are highly skilled in surface-supplied diving, the safest and most efficient method of collecting unionids in waters with low visibility and strong currents.

ESI owns all the equipment necessary for fieldwork including custom-built dive boats, surface-supplied dive systems, river and stream electrofishing units, GPS equipment, and water quality meters. ESI's specialized equipment combined with our skilled staff allows our clients scheduling flexibility and assures reliable results.

Our methods and mitigation solutions are readily accepted by regulatory agencies and have been presented as standards to other consulting firms. 

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